Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm
37 William Street
Ingersoll, ON

IIndividual Employment Counselling Sessions

  • March 21st and March 27th
  • 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

We are offering individual sessions with affected workers to provide assistance with resumes and any other information you would like. (Second Career, Apprenticeship, etc.) These sessions will take place with Employment Advisors from Community Employment Services at the action centre. Does your resume have what it takes? Change your resume from “good” to “great” in this session. If you do not have a resume, they will assist you in creating one.  If you have an old resume, they can assist you in updating it. If you have questions regarding training or apprenticeship, they can assist with this as well.

Date to be announced based on demand

This 2-day course teaches all the skills covered by the Standard First Aid and CPR. In addition, on day two the following modules are covered: Secondary survey, bone & joint injuries, head and spinal injuries, wound care, multiple casualty management, eye injuries, poisons, bites & stings and heat & cold injuries. This training is offered free of charge. You must register through the action centre and space is limited.


It is a facility that has been set up for all GM CAMI Assembly Plant employees affected by the layoffs in July and August 2017.  The purpose of the Action Centre is to help you find that next job or training opportunity.  Or perhaps you need help in preparing for your job search?  We have boards with job opportunities that will be taken from internet job sites or those that are called in by local or out of town businesses. These boards will be updated daily. We will schedule workshops to begin in late September 2017, based on the needs reported in the employee questionnaires. Resume writing and interview skills are the most urgently needed. Workshops will be arranged for these skills at the Centre. The Centre will be staffed by our Coordinator Bob Craig and peer helpers who can assist you in accessing the Centre’s computers, printer/copier and resources.   


We are asking all our workers to complete a simple one-page questionnaire to identify how we can assist our workers to transition from GM CAMI Assembly. This will also assist the committee in organizing sessions to be offered in the action centre.  You can complete the questionnaire at the Action Centre or you can also complete it on-line on this website under the questionnaire tab.


The adjustment committee would like to thank Community Employment Services (CES) Woodstock for agreeing to do the Administration duties to allow the  Adjustment Committee and the Action Centre to function to support the affected workers of GM CAMI Assembly Plant.